9. desember 2021: Webinar: We hear with our brains

Tid: 9. desember 2021 fra kl. 13.00 til kl. 14.00

Sted: Webinar

Påmeldingsfrist: 9. desember kl. 13.00

The webinar series based on the book If you can see it, you can support it continues with this part, focusing on functional hearing. 


The lecturer Rolf Mjønes will address a new understanding of functional hearing that takes the focus away from the ear and onto the brain. He will explain the term ”audio-visual speech perception” and put it in the context of how the brain treats stimuli from our eyes and ears during communication.

Practical information

Lecturer is Rolf Mjønes, audiobiologist, Eikholt, Norway.

The lecture is based on chapter 6 in the book If you can see it, you can support it. Prepare by reading the chapter.

The webinar language is English, and there is no registration fee.

Follow this link for further information and registration.